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birgul arslan


It is seven o’clock in the morning and you wake up with the sound of your phone ringing. You were not expecting a call. It’s a bit unnerving. You answer the call and your hear “I need your help.. I am in trouble.”

You realize that it is Stephen Spielberg calling. He has heard your reputation.

He says, “I have made many great science fiction movies in the past but I am out of ideas now. I desperately need a new image of an alien which has never been imagined before” 

Now take a piece of paper and a pen and draw the most innovative alien ever.

This is how I start my innovation management course. This exercise has become a great icebreaker and a hook to kick-off an exciting course.

I leverage the power of story-telling for high engagement in my courses. I also use case-based teaching methodology and business simulations for teaching innovation management.

In my classroom, I create an engaging environment where everyone feels safe to participate.

My personal goal is to make sure that participants enjoy their learning journey and retain their learning for good.

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